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Resource Quality & Zone Control in Albion Online

Today, we will talk about resource quality and zone control in Albion Online. Carefully read the following you will learn more.

Resources are materials gathered from the environment (Woods, Metal Ores, Stones etc.) or “wildlife” enemy corpses(Rabbits, Foxes, Wolves etc.) that can be used to create Weapons, Armors, and Buildings in Albion Online.

Resource scarcity is a big deal in Albion. It’s the driving force behind the in-game economy, the idea that rarer resources are rare and difficult to get and that control of land is important. The further you process your journey through the maps, the more quality resource will be found.

First, you start the game off with safe zones, a PvE only zone but providing low-tier resources. When you move up into partial PvP zones and full PvP zones with control held by guilds, you get rarer and more valuable resources. And on top of that idea of resource scarcity and controlling zones is that resources replenish and regenerate slowly.

You will get different types of resource based on its tier as well. For example, you will get coarse wood from a tier 3 tree. And each tree as well as other source has limited resource which is going to replenish very slowly.
In addition, if someone gathered that tree before you recently, you are going to be able to get a lot less. Sometimes you’ll come across a patch of trees that only have one total logs in them or ore veins that only have like one chunk of steel ore in them.
This is the main cause of the fight to take control over high tier resources in PvP zones. It’s an important part of the game to drive its economy from the idea of scarcity.

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15 Jun 2016
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Albion Online 's Item Progression

There is currently 8 tiers in the game
Higher tier items are usually 20-30% stronger than the items in the tier below
To find highest tier ressources, you will have to venture deeper and deeper into the open world PvP zones
Items generally get repeated across tiers, So if there is a T3 broadsword, there is likely going to be a better T4 broadsword that is quite similar
Higher tier versions of the same item do sometimes get extra abilities for you to choose from

There is currently 3 rarity levels for items. Common, Uncommon, Rare
Uncommon and Rare items are not a better version of a corresponding normal item, but they are a totally different item. While the broadsword is a normal item, the 2h sword is an uncommon one and will be significantly different in terms of stats and abilities.
Each rarity level increases the overall power of the item by 20-30%. So you could say that a T6 common item is about as strong as a T5 uncommon item

When crafting an item, there is a chance to a get a higher quality level. A higher quality level means that the base stats of the item, are higher than usual, but the item itself is exactly the same. For example, a “masterpiece” T4 broad sword will do more damage than a standard quality T4 broad sword.

Cost vs Power
The power of an item increases by around 20-30% per tier/rarity level
The cost of an item increases by a much bigger factor.
One reason for this is that we want to have an interesting risk vs reward curve, i.e. we want players to actively decide whether they bring their best and most expensive gear with them (at a higher risk) or whether they use lower quality gear instead and reserve their best gear for special situations
Another reason is that it helps to balance the game by giving less advanced players a fighting chance against more advanced players
Currently (February 2015), silver cost for items (crafting and repair) increases by a factor of 3 per tier/rarity level. We will carefully evaluate after this alpha test whether that factor needs to be adjusted (or, whether we leave it as is but adjust silver spawn rates)

Cost of use
If you use your Albion Online Silver, they will lose some durability
Per tier, the durability currently increases by a factor of 2. As the item cost increases by a factor of 3, the cost of use essentially increases by a facor of 1.5 per tier. I.e. if you fight mobs in T4 gear, you will need 50% more silver to repair than if you fight mobs in T3 gear
To compensate that, mobs currently drop 1.5 times more silver per tier, too
So in theory, the proportion of silver income used for repairs when farming T3 mobs with T3 gear should be the same as when farming T4 mobs with T4 gear
Having said that, based on qualitative feedback received from players, we are currently not sure how well this works out in practice. We can promise you to carefully look into this and make the required adjustments.
11 Jun 2016
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Guide of Albion Online Weapons

Before we begin with the weapons themselves there are a few quick things to know first. One is you can buy Cheap Albion Gold on our site, another is have three schools of combat that all the weapons fall into, warrior, hunter, and mage. 

Weapons can do two types of damage, physical or magical. Most melee and ranged weapons do physical damage aside from the magic staffs which all do magical damage. After deciding which combat school to go with, you will find that each weapon in that school has three variations which I just like to refer to as class for example in the most inner ring of the destiny board will be the Class 1 weapons, above them in the middle ring of the destiny board are your Class 2 weapons and finally in the outer most ring are your Class 3 weapons. The power level increases as you go up in class by a small margin, just as the power level increases as you go up in tier for each individual weapon. The power increase is stronger however when you progress upwards in tier opposed to class. The difficulty and costs to craft a weapon also increases greatly when you go up in Class opposed to Tier.


Warrior - obtained through warrior's forge
Hunter - obtained through Hunters Lodge
Mage - obtained through Mage Tower


Class 1 - found on the inner ring of the destiny board
Class 2 - found on the middle ring of the destiny board
Class 3 - found on the outer most ring of the destiny board


- Each weapon has 3 to 4 ability slots.
- The first three slots are active abilities which are cast using the Q, W, & E keys.
- The slot 1 & slot 2 abilities (Q&W), are shared with all the weapons of a a specific tree. [Example: Broadsword > Claymore > Glaive, are part of one weapon tree and share the same Q&W abilities.]
- The third slot is for unique abilities which are not shared by any other weapon.
- All of the unique weapon abilities use the E key.
- Weapons that are two handed have a 4th ability slot which is reserved for passive abilities. These passives are shared between the weapon tree.


Slot 1 = Q ability
Slot 2 = W ability
Unique = E ability
Passive = non-casting abilities.


- Not all spells available are listed just the ones up to Tier 6.
- The stats of the spells are based on Tier 6 power level
- Use the stats as a simple guideline or estimate not fact.
08 Jun 2016
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Skilled Based Game or Gear Which is Albion Key

I have a question is : is Albion game skilled based game or it just You gear? Then I will tell you, And if you Buy Albion Online Gold can help you batter experince the game.

We are gvg based guild, we are 10 active players and our guild have 1000gvg (98% yellow zone gvg), and i was looking for strong guild to fight us in yellow zone gvg for practice ( in game global chat), but one of the guys was desperately trying to explain me that is no point train in yellow zones cos all about this game is your gear. I dis agree with him, cos how you explain like example: we fought gvg with lot of guilds some one is coming with enchanted, 7.3 and so on, but we 80% easy winning against them even when we use 4.3 t6 epic ones and similar( ofc we all know that higher gear then t6 / 4.3 is nerfing, but they still have small advantage ).
So how can it be just gear based game?

I think this game based on :
50% – team work
30% – skill to dodge, predict, use and count enemy cool downs
and just 20% – your gear advantage ( let say if we fighting with 6.3 and they 7.3 )

What is You opinion what makes us good in pvp? what matter to be good at it?

I do agree that it is not the same like open world pvp, same surroundings and long time practice makes to coordinate easier, but i think people who done more gvg will be better and in word pvp, just knowing your right position, what do expect from enemies and etc

Gear is only about 10% or even lower.
Skillcap for GvG is not that high either and it’s mostly based on positioning and awareness. You can be really bad with timings, targeting, CD and mana management, but if your position is right you’ll do fine. I’d say skill is about 30% maybe.
Communication is a huge part. I’d group teamplay and communication in one category. Let’s call it Strategy It’s about 30% also.
And finally the most important part. Team composition. I give it a solid 30%, but it seems to play a way larger role.

Wanna win a lot? Get a Greathammer, Longbow, Cursed with Armor Piercer, Claws/Halberd for single target and a solid .2 Druid. You are golden.
We’ve only recently started tracking GvG stats thoroughly (with crazy ass excel sheets and stuff) but it is already obvious that one can win with bad players and good team composition at least as much as good players in a bad comp (double .2 cursed).

To sum it up for you
Gear: 10%
Skill: 30%
Strategy: 30%
Team Composition: 30%

04 Jun 2016
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Albion Online Two Forms Open of World PVP

1. Two forms of open world pvp (which can be 1v1 or as large as you can imagine 100v100, 1000v1000, who knows):

-Yellow zones with T3-6 resources (actually on the map they are red): if you get killed you lose some durability of your gear and you drop the same amount of silver as loot for your opponent. When you repair your gear you are basically paying the silver you lost in that fight. If you can see an amount of unfriendly players on the map (close to the minimap there is a red number), then you are inside a yellow zone.

-Red zones you lose everything that is on your character gear+inventory+mount etc. You can´t see the amount of potential hostile players close to your minimap as in the yellow zone.

2. Fights in hellgates. Right now it is bassically a possible 5v5 pvp if another team shows up and a boss to raid for unique items to craft high tier gear with.It is possible to see 1v1 hellgates 5v5v5 or 50v50 types of hellgates in the future or maybe even everything in between 2v2 etc, the devs are busy with new stuff on that.

3. Duelling. Right now there only is 1v1 in the open world if you try to gank someone or have a friend to duel with, but everybody can attack you and make it 1vs many, or many vs many as well. One of both flags and both players can attack eachother. But later we will see the possibility of real duelling, which means a real 1v1 with silver drops or all the gear and inventory. It can also be a training type of duelling, inwhich nobody loses anything.

4. Fight over a castle. There are some epic large scale pvp battles over castles, which you can see on youtube. There is some decent benefits for having the castle in the possession of your guild, like silver and some chests that drop loot. I consider the biggest benefit to have enemy guilds try to go through the entrance of the castle ( basically suiciding themselves into large aoe spells and give their juices to you)……

5. Figth over a city (seems to be 20vs 20, but i am not sure about it though):
taxes in the city they conquered. But the devs are removing taxes in the beta to make it easier for everybody to get better gear instead of having to spent very large amounts of silver on it.

6. Fight over a zone (5v5 to take or defend a zone on the map inclusive all the buildings your guild build on it):

7. Special events. Don’t rule out any type of special pvp events in the future like the castle rock ´n roll , which was hosted by the devs at the end of the summer alpha.

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01 Jun 2016
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