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Feast your eyes! Albion Online Steppes

Like you see, under the guidance of level designers Lino Claudius & Viktor Pekar, we delve into the steppes.†

The steppes are a rough environment. Whereas the swamps are green and full of life, the steppes are a dry wasteland. But there is a glimmer of hope within the badlands; oases pop up every now and then, refreshing everything and everyone surrounding them. If you need hide or fiber, the steppes are the place to be.†

Below you will find a few of the steppe scenes created by Lino and Viktor. Feast your eyes!†

Road through Hell

As Lino kindly puts it, the steppes are an ďunfriendly area to live inĒ. Setting up camp when travelling through this abyss can be quite dangerous, which is why nomads put up their site near a canyon. They have now moved on, abandoning their camp, and continuing their journey. Or perhaps they just slipped and fellÖ†

Dried-Up River†

Once a flourishing river, the water has disappeared and the land has gone dry.

Abandoned Camp

Once used by animal farmers, this camp has been deserted for a while. The remnants of the camp still remain, slowly being taken over by the steppe. It looks like the farmers left in a hurry. What happened here will remain a mystery Ė but it does make you wonder...

Fall of Death

ďAccidents happen Ė even in Albion,Ē Viktor commented when showing this scene. The question what events transpired here will not be answered, but it certainly does not look good!†

At last, if you want to learn more or need†cheap albion online gold? That in Good Luck!
26 May 2016
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Albion Online Resources and Gathering Explanation 2

# Fame

Now, on top of that, thereís also a fame system. You will have uncommon or rare or other rarer resources spawn. Now, these are represented by a kind of like little fairies things floating around them. If you harvest it, you are going to get more fame than the ordinary resource.

Fame is progression on this destiny board. You need a specific amount of fame in order to make progress in Destiny Board. And, of cause, itís more common to find this type of resources in an explored and dangerous area.

However, these do come at a bit of a cost. The durability of your gathering tool is getting wrecked a lot more by harvesting these uncommon resources. Itís worthwhile anyway comparing to what you get in return.

One thing you should keep in mind is that other people usually have the same goal as you. They make their way to the dangerous zone because of these resources. You should keep your eyes on the map to aware of other people location and harvest everything as much and as fast as possible. Otherwise, a more powerful player might PvP you and take all the resources.

# Mounts

Now, another really important point about the resource system in this game is not only are you trying to explore and compete with other players over limited resources, but you also have to really plan how you get there and get back. Most of the traveling is done on foot or on horseback or on ox back. You really have to kind of get out there yourself. You really have to take the time to travel, and although this slows the pace of gameplay down, it does create sort of an interesting strategic aspect to the resource gathering.

There is a limited carry weight in Albion Online. When you carry more than you could handle, you are becoming encumbered and slowing down. Itís recommended to throw away all junks to speed yourself up.

It can also mean that the greedier you are, the more you are slow down and the more danger awaits you especially when you are in a PvP zone. If another player engages you while you are carrying too much, itís very difficult to flee away. Some player goes to the PvP zone not to harvest resources but to kill and takes harvested resources from other players. And the slowed down player is always be their target. It means they are carrying various rare resources which other players can steal everything if they can win the fight.

# Gather Rare Resources from PvP Zone

Every time you are planning to make your way to gather rare resources from the PvP zones, always plan how to get back. And itís essential to bring mounts, such as a horse, with you for two main reasons: you can travel a lot faster with more weight limit. In case you are planning to go on a really heavy resource run and you really want to get as much as you can, then you can bring an ox out with you. An ox greatly, greatly, greatly multiplies your carry weight.

Ox can give you extra 200% carry weight, to the point where you actually canít move your character, but you can mount up on the ox and then move around on the ox. Now, this obviously means you can carry a huge amount of resources. However, if youíre actually caught in combat, you literally canít move and youíve gotten yourself into a very dangerous position.

# Freedom of Gathering

Resource gathering in Albion Online can be pretty simple but there are a lot of options you can do as well. Itís more like the freedom on how you would like to proceed with it. You can really get into doing basically everything you want: you can have a hands-on for every step of the process, or you can really focus on just a couple of things that you really want to do.

This freedom plays an important part in driving the game. Another thing thatís worth mentioning is a heavy PvP and a heavy guild-focused and heavy competing over land and limited resource focused game, this, although simple resource system, it does an amazing job.

Albion Online isnít just a game where you can play end pointlessly leveling. Itís pretty engaging overall and pretty interesting to learn and, again, just one of those things thatís feeding into this idea of discovery and exploration especially.

It will slowly encourage you to drive deep down to more difficult zones, discover rare resources, and fight with other players for it.

More news and guides in†
24 May 2016
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Albion Online Resources and Gathering Explanation 1

Economy in Albion Online is purely player-driven. All resources are found by players and nearly everything is crafted by players as well. It means every piece of lumber that you use to build a building or every bow that you craft out of a piece of wood is going to come from an actual player. And this can happen because of its great resource gathering system. You know a full explanation can help you save time and†Albion Online Silver.

# Resource Quality and Zone Control

Resource scarcity is a big deal in Albion. Itís the driving force behind the in-game economy, the idea that rarer resources are rare and difficult to get and that control of land is important. The further you process your journey through the maps, the more quality resource will be found.

First, you start the game off with safe zones, a PvE only zone but providing low-tier resources. When you move up into partial PvP zones and full PvP zones with control held by guilds, you get rarer and more valuable resources. And on top of that idea of resource scarcity and controlling zones is that resources replenish and regenerate slowly.

You will get different types of resource based on its tier as well. For example, you will get coarse wood from a tier 3 tree. And each tree as well as other source has limited resource which is going to replenish very slowly.

In addition, if someone gathered that tree before you recently, you are going to be able to get a lot less. Sometimes youíll come across a patch of trees that only have one total logs in them or ore veins that only have like one chunk of steel ore in them.

This is the main cause of the fight to take control over high tier resources in PvP zones. Itís an important part of the game to drive its economy from the idea of scarcity.

# Resource Tier

Albion Online resource gathering system is quite similar to Minecraft. You start out punching basic trees. For example, you can harvest rough wood from a tier 1 tree without needing an axe. This tier 1 wood is a main material to craft your tier 1 novice gathering tools. Once you have tier 1 tools, you can start to gather tier 2 resources.

Resource gathering in Albion Online is like a stepping stone progression system where you need to work your way up. You need to have a tier 2 axe in order to harvest wood from tier 3 trees. In same way, a tier 3 axe is necessary to harvest tier 4 trees.

Thereís also a way to skip a tier which can be done by buying resources and tools from other players though the market known as the Auction House. Each town has its own trading markets allowing you to gather your raw resources back there to sell to other people. They might only want to focus on refining and crafting without having to go out and gather resources themselves.

In the same way, you can also buy all resources from the market and focus only crafting and refining without having to harvest them yourself. This is the choice of what do you want to progress through the Destiny Board, which is the Albion Onlineís character progression system.

# Gathering, Refining and Crafting Progression

Destiny Board is split up into different areas such as combat, harvesting, refining and even constructing. For wood gathering, you can just start up harvesting tier 1 wood and then unlock Journeymanís Axe tier and work on the ability to use Adeptís Axes and higher up. Otherwise, you can skip this by farming silver from fighting or auction house, and buy raw materials instead.

In case you do not want to purely focus on the crafting without having to refine and gather materials yourself. You can do that as well by purchasing refined materials from the market and start crafting right away.

The way you want to progress your own character in Albion Online is purely based on your decision. You can be a crafting specialist by only focusing of crafting or you can be a jack of all trade and doing gathering, refining, and crafting yourself. Or you can even ignore crafting and gathering progression and focus only ďcombatĒ in the Destiny Board. You have an option to do it as well.

# Resource Type and Guild Cooperation

There are a lot of actual resources you can farm in Albion Online. There are stones for crafting buildings. There is weaving which is used for crafting cloth and armor equipment. Thereíre iron, steel, and more.

Because of this huge variation, a group of community like guild is quite necessary in Albion Online. For example, it seems like gems is necessary to craft weapon of all types. If youíre going to craft bows, gems and lumber are necessary. It quite takes some time to be specialized in everything in order to craft it. But with a group, you can only be specialized in your owner and share it with other people. This encourages player interaction and cooperative within the game.

Now, it is possible to be a jack of all trade. Obviously if youíre spending time crafting leather stuff, youíre not really getting the advancement towards wood, or especially if youíre doing iron smelting and then crafting things out of that iron, then youíre not really progressing in wood.

Instead of looking at it on a guild perspective, letís say a group of three. We can focus on different things and builds. One player can focus on being a tank, one damage dealer, and one support.

This idea of specialization also works in term of resource gathering. One player can focus on wood, leather, and gems. One player can focus on weaving, gems, and a little bit of wood. And the last player can focus on ore smelting and wood. There might be an overlap but, with three people combined, they can do more things together. Else, you and your group can get to niche down and focus on different things and work with a group to cover each other and trade in among the party or in among the guild.

# Resource Gathering Strategy

When youíre traveling through a zone looking for resources, youíll start to see areas that will be fully farmed out. Often these will be on a road. However, not many people are brave enough to venture into a higher-level PvP zone. Instead, they tend to hanging around down in non PvP areas. A recommended guide is to risk to a PvP zone. Thereís a high chance to find rare resources even along the roads there since itís only for the brave and skilled players.

Albion Online encourages you to progress into more difficult zones as a group not only for resource, but also to explore. Thereís a real sense of exploration in this game. And that means that, the roads are going to be pretty much in frequented zones where people are traveling through all the time. Any resource on the side of the road will be definitely hard to harvest since people are going to stop and grab them all.

However, you should gather resources in the corner of the map or in kind of a sneaky area. Or especially in an area thatís full of dangerous enemies because more valuable, rare, and larger resource collections will be found there.

23 May 2016
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The Albion New World " Darian "

With the start of Beta 2 coming closer, Official are released ďDarianĒ. This is the last update before the start of the New World and the long-awaited wipe. You can expect Beta 2 to arrive this summer!

Here is a quick summary of what has been implemented:

Morgana Faction Rework
Faction-themed Furniture: Morgana Mobcamp
12 New Weapon Spells
New Feature: Item Study
Learning Point System Improvements
Various Fixes and Improvements

What do you think of Darian? Are you excited for Beta 2? †More news click†UPAlbion.
19 May 2016
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Guide | Albion Online Express Upgrade

How leveling fast? using craft, I bet itís better than nothing! using craft. Hereís a short and easy guide to make 2 levels in less than 10 minutes using craft!But I think†albion gold†will you make better in the game, it's a truth.

Some things to know first :

- This is NOT an exploit bug
- Be prepared to spend 50 silver coins!
- If you donít find some materials, read the entire guide!

First, you have to go to any capital city, find a cooking master, and ask him to be a chief. Then read the following intructions:

- Buy 10x Packet of Salt and 4x Black peppercorn in bulk to the cooking master
- Craft 100 Pile of salt and pepperBuy 10x Jar of vegetable oil and 10x Jar of vinegar
- Craft 100 Bottle of simple dressing
- Buy 10x Jug of water, 10x Bags of flour, 4x Eggs in bulk
- Craft 100 Pasta Noodles
- Buy 10x Bags of flour and 4x Butter in bulk
- Craft 100 Bowl of roux
- Buy 4x Bell pepper in bulk et 4x Chili pepper in bulk
- Craft 100 Pile of paprika

Once all those steps are done, you should have gained more or less 2 levels.

Last tips for your 10 minutes crafting session :

- The ę in bulk Ľ materials can be found in the second and third tabs of the cooking masterís shop.You must use the paper bag that appears in your bag to collect the material which will be used in crafting.
- All the mentioned components can be bought to the cooking master, except the Chili pepper
- The Chili pepper can be bought to Sagum Relicseeker in Plains of Ashford, near to the Ascalonian Catacombs. You first need to complete the associated renown heart to buy him the needed materials.

Are you understand? Good Luck!
17 May 2016
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