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[ Albion ] Destiny Boards Guide

What is Destiny Board? †Let me tell you.

Destiny Board in Albion Online is basically a talent tree. You can see your overall progress in the game as a whole. Apart from other games , destiny board is a giant circular specialization tree rather than a linear one. You start from the middle node and expand in each direction to master the specialization you want. Every node in the most outer border of the circle is the maximum point of specialization you can reach.

There are 5 different main branches you can advance in the destiny board. These branches are ;

Adventure Branch
Farming Branch
Gathering Branch
Fighting Branch
Crafting Branch
1-) Adventure Branch

-Journeyman Ė Tier 3 Ė 9000 Fame
-Adept Ė Tier 4 Ė 36000 Fame
-Expert Ė Tier 5 Ė 144000 Fame
-Master Ė Tier 6 Ė 360000 Fame
-Grandmaster Ė Tier 7 Ė 648000 Fame
-Elder Ė Tier 8 Ė 1166400 Fame

Albion Online Adventurer Branch T6-7-8
Albion Online Adventurer Branch Tier3-4-5
You gain the following perks when you reach each tier.

-Adventurerís avatar
-Mount usable and craftable
-Accessories usable(bags and capes)
-Building buildable
-Demolition hammer usable

Every action you do in the world gives you fame and advances you in this branch. For example if you cut down a tree you gain fame, when you kill someone in pvp you gain fame, when you craft something you gain fame etc. You do not have to work on this branch specifically, you will advance without any extra effort. Below are the rewards unlocked for reaching each tier.

Journeyman Adventurerís Rewards

Journeymaní Riding Horse
Journeymanís Transport Ox
Journeymanís Bag
Journeymanís Cape
Journeymanís Demolition Hammer
Journeymanís Avatar
You can now build tier 3 buildings
Journeyman Adventurer Rewards
Journeyman Adventurer Accessories
Journeyman Adventurer Mounts
Journeyman Adventurer Demolition Hammer
Adept Adventurerís Rewards

Adeptís Riding Horse
Adeptís Transportation Ox
Adeptís Demolition Hammer
Adeptís Bag
Adeptís Cape
Royal Cloth Cape
Royal Leather Cape
Royal Platemail Cape
Adeptís Adventurerís Avatar
You can now build Tier 4 buildings
Adept's Rewards
Adept's Accessories
Adept's Mounts
Adept's Demolition Hammer
Expert Adventurerís Rewards

Expertís Riding Horse
Expertís Transportation Ox
Expertís Armored Horse
Expertís Demolition Hammer
Expertís Bag
Expertís Cape
Expertís Adventurerís Avatar
You can now build Tier 5 buildings
Expert's Rewards
Expert's Accessories
Expert's Mounts
Expert's Demolition Hammer
Master Adventurerís Rewards

Masterís Riding Horse
Masterís Transportation Ox
Masterís Armored Horse
Saddled Direwolf
Masterís Demolition Hammer
Masterís Bag
Masterís Cape
Keeper Cloth Cape
Morgana Cloth Cape
Undead Cloth Cape
Keeper Leather Cape
Morgana Leather Cape
Undead Leather Cape
Keeper Platemail Cape
Morgana Platemail Cape
Undead Platemail Cape
Master Adventurerís Avatar
You can now build Tier 6 buildings
Master Adventurer's Rewards
Master's Adventurer's Accessories 1
Master's Adventurer's Accessories 2
Master's Adventurer's Mounts
Master's Demolition Hammer
Grandmaster Adventurerís Rewards

Grandmasterís Riding Horse
Grandmasterís Transportation Ox
Grandmasterís Armored Horse
Saddled Direboar
Grandmasterís Demolition Hammer
Grandmasterís Bag
Grandmasterís Cape
Grandmasterís Adventurerís Avatar
You can now build Tier 7 buildings
Grandmaster's Rewards
Grandmaster's Accessories
Grandmaster's Mounts
Grandmaster's Demolition Hammer
Elder Adventurerís Rewards

Elderís Riding Horse
Elderís Transportation Ox
Elderís Armored Horse
Saddled Direbear
Elderís Demolition Hammer
Elderís Bag
Elderís Cape
Elderís Adventurerís Avatar
You can now build Tier 8 buildings
Elder's Rewards
Elder's Accessories
Elder's Mounts
Elder's Demolition Hammer
You will become an elder adventurer in 1 or 2 weeks depending on your play style and hours you put in. You will naturally max out this node. Check out Part 2 of the guide for Farming.
07 May 2016
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Why No-show GvG ? Albion Online Guide

Weíre getting thoroughly pissed off about no-show GvGís. We get a few per week both on attacks and defenses. I can understand not being able to field a group for a defense and giving up the territory, at least there is a reward for us being locked out and using out time to organize a fight. Itís when we get attacked by zerg guilds 2-3 times a night and they are all no-shows. cough KDS cough. Of course we have to show up with our A-Team and get locked into that territory for 24 hours and there is no negative to stop the attacking guild from no-showing. We understand itís a legitimate tactic right now and they are using the system to their advantage. We can (and do) respect guilds that use the system in any way they can. This isnít a post to flame any guilds, itís just some ideaís on how to curve the real problem.

We brain stormed in our Discord last night and here are some possible ideaís to help the current issue with lock outs and no shows. This is simply brain storming, we would love for everyone to contribute in a CONSTRUCTIVE way instead of turning this post into a flame war please.

1. Add a time buffer (5 minutes) before the GvG where players HAVE to be signed up and it locks the line up. If 1 team doesnít have a team of 5 signed up Ė they automatically forfeit the fight and the other guild WILL NOT receive lock outs on the players they signed up with.

2. If a guild no-shows while attacking Ė 5 random players from their roster will be selected and LOCKED OUT for 24 hours from further GvGís. A variation of this was to port 5 random players from the attacking guildís roster into the gvg but they†

would likely sit in the tent and you would get the same result.
3. (From Current MOBAs) Ė Add some sort of deserter penalty for guilds that no show while attacking that doesnít allow them to launch ANY attacks for 24 hours (to match the lock out of our A-Team).

4. If an attacking guild no-shows Ė the defending team wins some sort of a bounty worth 10x (or what ever) more than the original attack cost. (Think damage deposit when you launch an attack. It costs 100,000 but you have to put down 1,100,000 in case you no show)

5. If you attack from a territory and no-show Ė the territory you launch the attack from will receive a -20 on top of the original -10 (-30 total)

6. Scrap the lock out idea completely. You have built a system revolving around gladiators, why limit our top teams and force us to recruit more players.

07 May 2016
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