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Albion Online Two Forms Open of World PVP

1. Two forms of open world pvp (which can be 1v1 or as large as you can imagine 100v100, 1000v1000, who knows):

-Yellow zones with T3-6 resources (actually on the map they are red): if you get killed you lose some durability of your gear and you drop the same amount of silver as loot for your opponent. When you repair your gear you are basically paying the silver you lost in that fight. If you can see an amount of unfriendly players on the map (close to the minimap there is a red number), then you are inside a yellow zone.

-Red zones you lose everything that is on your character gear+inventory+mount etc. You can´t see the amount of potential hostile players close to your minimap as in the yellow zone.

2. Fights in hellgates. Right now it is bassically a possible 5v5 pvp if another team shows up and a boss to raid for unique items to craft high tier gear with.It is possible to see 1v1 hellgates 5v5v5 or 50v50 types of hellgates in the future or maybe even everything in between 2v2 etc, the devs are busy with new stuff on that.

3. Duelling. Right now there only is 1v1 in the open world if you try to gank someone or have a friend to duel with, but everybody can attack you and make it 1vs many, or many vs many as well. One of both flags and both players can attack eachother. But later we will see the possibility of real duelling, which means a real 1v1 with silver drops or all the gear and inventory. It can also be a training type of duelling, inwhich nobody loses anything.

4. Fight over a castle. There are some epic large scale pvp battles over castles, which you can see on youtube. There is some decent benefits for having the castle in the possession of your guild, like silver and some chests that drop loot. I consider the biggest benefit to have enemy guilds try to go through the entrance of the castle ( basically suiciding themselves into large aoe spells and give their juices to you)……

5. Figth over a city (seems to be 20vs 20, but i am not sure about it though):
taxes in the city they conquered. But the devs are removing taxes in the beta to make it easier for everybody to get better gear instead of having to spent very large amounts of silver on it.

6. Fight over a zone (5v5 to take or defend a zone on the map inclusive all the buildings your guild build on it):

7. Special events. Don’t rule out any type of special pvp events in the future like the castle rock ´n roll , which was hosted by the devs at the end of the summer alpha.

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01 Jun 2016
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